Serena Mountain Lodge

Serena Mountain Lodge

A Treetop Hotel on Mount Kenya
Your quest begins at 2,134 metres above sea level in the dense rainforest, draping the slopes of Mount Kenya. The panoramas surrounding Serena Mountain Lodge will delight you with their dramatic features.

By day, cool, clear mountain air and sweeping views across the treetops beckon with opportunity for discovery and exploration. An open-air deck gazes down to a water hole bustling with elephant and buffalo herds. As darkness approaches, the trees surrounding the hotel come alive in a wall of sound as creatures of all manner begin their nocturnal rituals.

Rising above the forest canopy like a ship cresting a wave of deep green, a timbered drawbridge leads you from the forest onto the hotel’s wooden decks. Inside, log-panelled walls and timbered game-viewing decks welcome you to the surrounding natural beauty.

Winding stairs usher you to 41 cosy, cabin-style rooms designed to take full advantage of the primeval solitude and serenity of the mountain landscape, ensuring deep relaxation after a day of travel or adventure.
Simple, natural pleasures are the essence of this guest experience.

A full English breakfast awaits in the bush with dinner on the rooftop, accompanied by the finest international wines. Forest strolls and trekking on the high moorlands are always scenic options.

Trout fishing in a crystalline mountain stream or a soothing aromatic massage can also be selected at your leisure. In addition, a five-day ascent up Kenya’s highest mountain introduces you to a national icon that has enthralled climbers from around the world.
Become one with the ancient spirit of Mount Kenya at Serena Mountain Lodge.